Celebrated fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is synonymous with Parisian couture. His luxurious, elegant, yet always modern aesthetic brought his fashion house to prominence, thanks to such iconic pieces as the women’s tuxedo jacket. Today, the YSL brand purveys ready-to-wear, accessories, makeup, and fragrances that embody contemporary sophistication and indulgence.

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By simply uttering the name of Yves Saint Laurent, Parisian couture immediately comes to mind. Yves Saint Laurent—the man—was an important figure in the history of fashion. He created iconic apparels like the women’s tuxedo jackets. Though his name is usually tied to high fashion and runway shows, he did branch out his passion into other industries such as makeup and perfumes.

The brand Yves Saint Laurent was founded in 1961 in Paris, France by Yves himself and his partner, Pierre Bergé. The brand was known for producing many modern and iconic pieces. To this day, their apparel, skin care products, and makeup line still exude the brand’s decadent taste while catering to a wide spectrum of men and women.

Some of the brand’s iconic collections were inspired by art movements and popular painters like Picasso. However, the brand’s attempt to popularize ready-to-wear pieces was truly groundbreaking, for it was meant to democratize fashion.

With those influences, buying anything from Yves Saint Laurent is like purchasing a work of art. Everything is crafted to perfection, from the bottles of perfume all the way to the makeup brushes. Some examples of amazing craftsmanship are seen in their products like the Couture Palette Collector Fall Look, the Tops Secret Eye Makeup Remover, as well as the fragrances in the L’homme Intense Sophistication Set.

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