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A well-known and recognized name for premium scented candles, Yankee Candle is America’s favorite and best-selling candle brand. They offer the world’s largest selection of scents and sizes, and carry over 150 fragrances. In addition to their well known Housewarmer® line of scented candles, they also provide a wide range of seasonal and specialty scented candles, home fragrance products, car fresheners and candle accessories. Switch up the ambience in your home with Yankee Candle’s wide selection of candle and home fragrance scents.

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About Yankee Candle

You might have seen Yankee Candle’s Housewarmer® scented candles in better stores across the metro. Yankee Candle’s a recognized name worldwide and is currently the bestselling scented candle brand in the USA. Their selection of 150 homey scents can stimulate your appetite, send you to a deeper level of relaxation, or evoke vivid images and memories. They also offer other scented items for your home and car as well.

Check out their 2-Wick Tumbler, Noah Scenterpiece Warmer, Scenterpiece Easy MeltCups, and Regular Tumbler. No need to worry if a local store doesn’t carry what you need, you can find the Yankee Candle products you want on BeautyMNL.

If you love switching around scents for your home, you’ll definitely love BeautyMNL. We connect you to an incredible selection of local and international scent brands that can transform your house into a home –wherever that house is in the country!

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