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From the same creators of Déjà Poo comes a new personal care brand to banish bad odors. X-Tink offers natural deodorizers for stuff that stink. Spray them on clothes, shoes, and other cloth-based accessories that need refreshing, and say goodbye to undesirable smells!

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About X-Tink

Apart from Déja Poo, Keeva Essentials has decided to create another brand made especially for banishing bad, sweaty odors— X-Tink. Straying away from their toilet deodorizing shot of fame, the creators are now placing focus on the stinky stench that follows after a great workout. So whether its a game of sports or an intense gym session, toss X-Tink in your bag to cover up any stinky stench that will follow.

X-Tink’s adapted formula contains a stronger concentration of essential oils to aid people with more active lifestyles. Placed in a handy bottle, you can carry it around no matter where you exercise and spritz as you go. From sweaty clothes and equipment to running shoes and your gym bag, mask any foul smells in a jiffy with this deodorizing spray.

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