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Victoria Scandinavian Soap is a privately run family business that’s been in the business of making soap for many years. It first began in 1905 and has been carrying on its tradition since. Although the Swedish company specializes in the manufacturing different varieties of hard soap, the brand has expanded into other household products with a guarantee of producing quality products that produce effective results. With years of tradition and extensive experience, Victoria has led to long-standing brand names such as: Cremosin, Tallba, Victoria and Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål.

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About Victoria

Victoria Scandinavian Soap is one of the longest active soap makers in the world, tracing its roots to the year 1914. So far, the company has weathered two world wars, economic upheavals in Europe and globalization, remaining as one of the region’s pre-eminent makers of personal care products for well over a century. Today, Victoria still gives the rest of the world a taste of what northern Europe’s finest soaps are like and the result is global recognition for more than 100 years and counting.

BeautyMNL carries Victoria’s signature Lanolin-Agg-Tval, an egg white soap that washes away dirt while nourishing the skin. The company has refined this soap making process for decades and now produces the soap under their name as well as with the label of other personal care brands.

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