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A household name thanks to its “wonder jelly,” Vaseline has long attained iconic skincare status. Best known for quenching parched skin and hydrating chapped lips, the brand’s lotions and lip care are healing dry skin sufferers all over the globe (including England’s late and great Queen Victoria). Imitated by many since their launch in the late 1800s, all bona fide Vaseline moisturizing products bear the iconic “Blue Seal,” which means that they are the only potions in the world that contain the original triple-purified Vaseline Jelly.

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About Vaseline

Originally a brand of petroleum jelly based products, Vaseline is now owned by multinational company Unilever. It has since expanded its product line to include a selection of skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, deodorants, and personal lubricants.

The original Vaseline petroleum jelly was made by a 22 year-old British chemist named Robert Augustus Chesebrough. In 1859, while in Pennsylvania, he became intrigued by a naturally-occurring byproduct of an oil drilling process that seemed to have skin-healing properties. While he was watching the oilmen, Chesebrough took note of how they would smear their skin with the residue from the drill to help heal their cuts and burns. Inspired by this substance, now called petroleum jelly, Chesebrough began his quest to help heal America’s dry skin.

Following this discovery, Vaseline jelly spread from continent to continent, where it was relied upon as the safest and purest option to heal and moisturize. To accommodate this rapid expansion, Chesebrough moved his US-based manufacturing facilities to Perth Amboy, New Jersey. From here, he also opened factories in Europe, Canada and Africa. He eventually retired as the president of his company in 1908.

In 1987, Unilever purchased Chesebrough’s company. This was when its line of Vaseline products began expanding to include moisturizing products like lip care products and lotions.

Today, the Vaseline brand enjoys a rich and landscaped history. All of these discoveries stem from Sir Robert Chesebrough’s belief in his creation in the 19th Century. The company continues to innovate and develop new products, all geared to seeking a better understanding of skin care. Yet the brand remains true to its roots. Vaseline’s goal is to make the original, triple-purified Vaseline Jelly the core of every product, because of its proven history of locking in moisture to heal dry skin.

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