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Ultra Green company seeks to create and promote delicious yet healthy beverages in the Philippines and worldwide. Their Ultra Green Coffee, for instance, is a superfood-rich alternative to regular coffee. Ultimately, it strives to spread awareness about living conscious and more healthy lifestyles.

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About Ultra Green Coffee

Ultra Green is a Quezon City-based manufacturer of nutritional beverages for the Philippine market. The company’s goal is to promote healthier lifestyles without sacrificing the flavor of our favorite drinks.

Take coffee, for instance. This beverage tastes great, helps keep us awake and is enjoyed by millions upon millions of Filipinos. However, coffee comes with its share of health risks. If taken excessively, caffeine and other compounds found in coffee can have negative effects on one’s well-being. That’s where products such as Ultra Green Coffee and Ultra Green Coffee Collagen Plus come in: both beverages retain coffee’s rich flavor while minimizing negative effects and enriching the drinks with nutrients at the same time.

BeautyMNL is a huge advocate of staying beautiful through cosmetics and maintaining good health. With Ultra Green Coffee products, you can stay in top shape and continue to exude beauty while still enjoying what many people consider the world’s best hot drink.

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