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Tweexy was invented by Liz and Mark after they realized that nail polish was used more than lipstick by 71% of women, and that the number of younger females in their teens and twenties who used nail polish was 84%! After interviewing hundreds of nail polish users, the idea of a nail polish holder came about and was developed, tested, and improved upon. Today, Tweexy provides women everywhere with the ability to apply polish easily without the spills and drips—and even helps youget to the last drop of the lacquer in the bottle!

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About Tweexy

Ever needed to use a comfortable and easy to use holder for your nail polish? Something on the go? Tweexy’s got you covered. It is the original wearable nail polish bottle holder. Liz and Mark, the inventors of Tweexy, worked for two years to create the perfect holder for every nail polish. They purchased thousands of brands (and have a list on site for referral!) that come in about 250 different shapes and sizes. They wanted the holder to fit everyone’s hands and needs. Tweexy is made of silicone with two expandable rings thick enough to naturally separate your fingers as you polish.

These holders come in a variety of cute and trendy colors – perfect for any personality. They currently only have seven colors such as Bonbon Pink, Spa Green, Sapphire Night, Lilac Dreams, Pink Frosting, California Green and Island Blue. It is composed of a crown leaf for easy adjustments of petals according to your nail polish; crown to hold your nail polish in place; bottle grips to keep the base of your nail polish stable; squeeze tabs for easy nail polish removal after you’ve painted your nails; and expandable rings for fingers up to size 17.

Time for a nail spa party! You and your friends can now put on nail polish with ease with Tweexy. Shop for your favorite colors here on BeautyMNL. Get free shipping for orders worth PHP2000 or more.

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