Turmetab is the only brand of turmeric in the Philippines that contains piperine, which helps increase the absorption of curcumin to ensure maximum health benefits. By taking it just once a day, it offers standardized quality whole turmeric root at consistent doses in easy-to-take tablet form.

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About Turmetab

On a mission to highlight ancient agricultural wisdom in Mindanao, the dedicated group behind Turmetab founded the local health brand in order to transform an age-old remedy into an innovative way of healing and bring it closer to the modern world. Because of the increase in artificial ingredients found in many drugs and supplements, Turmetab found the need to create a product that would let consumers experience the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature’s purest gifts.

What makes Turmetab supplements unique is the combination of turmeric and piperine in one tablet. While turmeric is known for its myriad health benefits, piperine, which is found in the white powder inside peppercorns, increases the absorption of turmeric by 2,000% percent - making it ideal for optimal nutrient intake. Take at least one Turmetab tablet once a day and feel the difference it makes in your body. By drinking these turmeric supplements, chronic and acute illnesses such as urinary tract infection, diabetes, liver problems, Alzheimer’s, and gout can be controlled or prevented.

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