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T.U. believes in beautiful, well-made genuine leather bags and accessories that make a statement. Be prepared for, “Where did you get that lovely thing?” while toting yours around. T.U. could mean many things—Totally Unique, Terribly Unpretentious, Tantalizingly Uplifting. Add any of those meanings to their collections, and it always seems to fit.

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T.U. is a manufacturer of women’s leather bags and accessories. Its products, which are made from 100% genuine leather, are all inspired by classic designs with a modern twist. The company is primarily known for making high-quality leather handbags that can carry your essential items such as gadgets, makeup kits, and other valuables.

Today, the brand’s product line has now expanded to include items that are designed to be your perfect traveling companions. These include passport holders and clutch bags that you can carry comfortably in your hand.

These products also come in various designs and colors. There are brightly-colored pouches for those who want to make a bold statement, as well as sleek and minimalist items for those who want a more sophisticated look. Its expert craftsmen produce as many varieties on a single design as possible to accommodate a wide variety of tastes for its customers.

T.U. bags and accessories are also suitable for any kind of occasion, from business trips to casual vacations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to another country or out of town—you’ll always have the right bag or purse to enhance your fashion statement wherever you go.

One of its most notable accessories are their passport holders. Designed specifically for frequent flyers, these can hold your travel documents, tickets, and flight essentials in one convenient carry-all case. They’re also fitted with flaps and inserts for other items like IDs or train cards. If you’re the type who needs to make regular business trips or just loves to see the world, then T.U.’s products are definitely a must-have.

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