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Pronounced as TRAVELER, TRVLR was founded in 2011 to fill in a niche for people who are constantly on the move. By offering handy and functional goods specially designed with the frequent flier in mind, the brand hoped to make being in transit comfortable and convenient. Let TRVLR be the perfect companion in all your journeys and maximize your trip enjoyment.

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Sustainability is the name of the game – and TRVLR knows just that. With the continuous consumption of billions of plastic components in a day, the world falls at risk of critical danger by the minute. An easy and effective way to contribute to preserving natural life is bidding goodbye to anything plastic and migrating to reusable, sustainable products.

TRVLR is a local brand that offers a range of functional, environmental-friendly goods created to help one make the switch to a lifestyle banked on comfort, convenience, and sustainability. With products like stainless steel straws, on-the-go travel sets, and even beauty needs – TRVLR helps you become more aware and conscious of the daily choices you make and helps you turn them into eco-friendly decisions. The brand is known for its Stainless Steel Straw Set that comes in varying colors like Rainbow, Rose Gold, Pink, and even a Premium Set and Bamboo Set. Besides that, TRVLR also offers handy, on-the-go products.

BeautyMNL highly advocates the basic mantra of reusing, reducing, and recycling. Be more sensitive to the environment and turn to BeautyMNL to help you make that switch. Just a few taps and you can already have your first set of metal straw!

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