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Travelmate crafts their bags in such a way to allow you to maximize your luggage space. Packing light and practical while still maintaining your personal style has never been easier. But you don’t have jet around the world to experience the brand’s signature convenience. Travelmate also creates convenient solutions for your home to ensure effortless organization.

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Travelmate is a manufacturer of practical yet stylish organizers. From suit bags to hanging racks, the brand has all you need to keep your home space and travel gear looking sharp as ever. The brand prides itself in making its items out of durable yet affordable materials like nylon, polyresin, and canvas. These are crafted into minimalist designs that can complement your travel attire and home decor.

Among its most notable items are shoe bags, suit holders, and hanging 4-shelf organizers. The durable construction of the shoe holder allows it to carry several pairs of shoes, or even a full load of items to maximize your luggage space.

The suit bag is also big enough to hold your formal attire and protect your clothes from dirt and creases. This is especially important for business trips where you need to look sharp in front of your clients. Pair this with the garment bag, which is great for keeping your clothes organized inside your luggage.

Some Travelmate items can be both used at home or on the road. For example, you can just unhook the hanging jewelry organizer and fold it in—together with its contents—into your luggage. Then you can simply unfold the entire thing when unpacking your things. This collapsible design lets you take it anywhere, anytime.

There are also storage boxes in different sizes to store all your stuff at home. They can be also used when you’re moving stuff, as some these boxes feature easy-carry handles.

On top of that, many of these organizers are available in different colors. These can help you organize better by creating a color-coded system for your belongings.

Today, Travelmate boasts an extensive portfolio of products for the most demanding customers. Now you too can travel in style with these quality bags and organizers. Just buy them at BeautyMNL and get free shipping on purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.