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Redefining a new line of skincare, Top-O produces oxygen-based products that deliver optimum care and protection to produce healthy skin conditions. These Topical Oxygen Supplements are water-based preparations composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in H2O and housed in a light aluminum NON-pressurized spray canister. Rich in oxygen, Top-O acts on acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin and stopping it, while also moisturizing and conditioning to prevent dryness and itching. Bring back your skin to its natural healthy state with Top-O.

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Oxygen Solution With Tabs TOP-O
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About TOP-O

Top-O, or Topical Oxygen Supplement, redefines skincare with oxygen-based products that protect and promote healthy skin. The brand uses innovative technology that relies on the process of oxygenation to purify water into a neutralized solution— dissolved oxygen in water, so to speak. Top O is safe for all ages—even babies, as their mild formulation helps reduce skin redness and allergic reactions in all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Their bestselling Topical Oxygen Supplement is contained in a light aluminum, NON-pressurized spray cannister, much like the famous mists in aerosol bottles. This oxygen-rich liquid penetrates the skin in order to moisturize and stop acne-causing bacteria. It revives skin to its natural, healthy state by conditioning it to prevent dryness and itching. It’s a quick pick-me-up for your skin and works wonders on acne-prone skin!

Another innovative creation by Top-O is their Oxygen Solution with Tabs—a face mask and oxygen-rich solution that you can use to pamper and treat your skin. Each mask is made with breathable cotton that’s highly absorbent and sticks well on skin to deliver nutrients easily. The solution is not sticky at all—rather, it’s light and hydrating.

Top-O is a breath of fresh air—literally—on your skincare regimen. Make this a daily habit by getting it from BeautyMNL hassle-free. Check back on other products by Top-O, as they will be available very soon!

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