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Tinytea offers different kinds of tea to help you on your path to wellness. Each teabag contains a unique blend based on traditional Chinese medicine principles and targets different ailments to nourish you back to the pink of heath. By cleansing and strengthening your digestive system, toxins and waste are efficiently transported out of your body for optimum physical and emotional health. Whether it’s to promote digestive health, weight loss, toxin removal, and improve skin health, Tinytea has the tea for you.

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About Tinytea

Tinytea is the premier product line of Your Tea, an Australian manufacturer of herbal detoxification teas. Their products are made from the tea leaves grown in the Fujian Province of China.

The company’s teas are picked and packed whenever they are in season, allowing you to taste the full flavor of the product. These tea leaves are then mixed with unique natural ingredients to enhance both taste and effectivity. Some of their most notable ingredients include cassia seeds, lotus leaves, hawthorn berries, radish seeds, orange peels, and barley sprouts. All these are meant to provide essential nutrients and help cleanse your body from within.

One of the major areas that Tinytea blends target is your digestive system. The first few doses of the tea will cause your body to start expelling unwanted toxins and waste, which indicates that the tea is performing its intended changes internally. After a few days of continued use, you should start feeling the positive changes that the tea was intended to create.

On average, the tea can be taken up to 56 days in a row, with a 2-week break in between. This allows your body and its digestive system to fall back to its own rhythms. By this time, you should feel more energized. It’s also recommended to supplement this period of treatment with a healthy, balanced diet.

Today, the Your Tea company has seven offices around the world, which allows it to ship its products to various countries. Its products are made to comply with local standards and regulations. Since Tinytea is primarily a line of tea blends to aid in digestion, it does not have any laxative effects. This makes it safe for consumption for people of all ages.

Now, you too can taste these delicious teas yourself and enjoy its many health benefits. Order Tinytea products on BeautyMNL today!

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