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Tiny Twinkle

Tiny Twinkle is a US retail brand founded by Ashley Andrews and Chris Marzuola. Their small but experienced team proudly offers safe and top-quality products for babies and their parents. Tiny Twinkle is best known for their innovative fabrics such as the ‘better than muslin” Kaffle®- a traditional Korean weave that feels incredibly soft and gentle on baby’s skin. Because it is made from 50% cotton and 50% rayon, this durable yet silky and lustrous fabric continues to soften with use. They also offer a superior, water-repellent fabric called Repeltex. Made from 100% woven polyester treated with a waterproof PU back coating, this Feather-light fabric is incredibly durable and both abrasion and tear resistant. With such high quality products, it’s no wonder parents love Tiny Twinkle!
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Mess-proof Easy Bib with Ruffles
2-Pack Roudabaout Bib
Mess-proof Easy Bib
Premium Mess-proof Easy Bib with Ruffles
3-Pack Feeder Bib
Silicone Teether Toy
Mess-proof Easy Bib 3-Pack
3-Pack Silicone Dipper
Silicone Pocket Bib 2-Pack
2-pack Bandana Bib
3-Pack Repeltex Mess-Proof Easy Bib
Silicone Pocket Bib w/ Ruffles
Silicone Suction Divided Plate w/ Lid
Repeltex Mess-Proof Easy Bib
Silicone Training Cup
Silicone Baby Spoon 4-Pack
"Grow with Me" Feeding Set
Premium Mess-proof Easy Bib 3-Pack
Silicone Bib
Silicone Pocket Bib
Swaddle Blanket
Silicone Training Utensils
3-Pack Swaddle Blanket
Premium Mess-proof Easy Bib
Silicone Suction Bowl with Lid