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Tiny Buds Baby Naturals is lovingly made with all-natural ingredients. Each drop is mild, safe, & gentle for baby’s delicate skin, 100% no harsh chemicals, SLS-free, & paraben-free. Moms can find Badges of Honor printed on their favorite Tiny Buds items. With these, the brand promises that each product is trusted by pediatricians, safe for the family, and friendly to the environment, too!

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About Tiny Buds

Launched in 2015, Tiny Buds is a fast-growing household brand of natural baby products that are safe for your tot, family, and the environment. Its concept is simple: every child is a tiny bud that deserves only the best and gentlest care.

Made from 100% real rice grains, Tiny Buds’ bestselling Natural Rice and Baby Powder keeps baby’s skin fresh all day and prevents prickly heat. Its finely milled formula is hypoallergenic and talc-free, perfect for your child’s delicate skin and your sensitive skin, too! In fact, moms and non-moms alike love it for its ability to make pores look smaller, minimize shine, absorb sweat, and set one’s makeup when used as a face powder.

Tiny Buds also has a huge range of bath essentials, teeth care, baby wipes and sanitizers, bottle and laundry powders, diapers, and organic cotton clothes. All products are natural, safe, and lovingly made as proven by the seal of approvals from doctors and health practitioners found at the back of each Tiny Buds item.

Finally, here’s a brand that cares for your child as much as you do! Shop Tiny Buds on BeautyMNL and get free shipping on orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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