Tidy Heidy is a Philippine-based startup whose flagship product is an instant stain remover. This on-the-go stain solution is non-toxic, color-safe, and designed to quickly and effectively remove common stains in a matter of seconds. Use it to clean up spills from coffee, wine, fruit drinks, sports drinks, ketchup, soy sauce, gravy, makeup, grass, and mud. It can also serve as a pre-treatment to stains with heavy food coloring so they wash off more easily on laundry day.

About Tidy Heidy

Safely remove surprise stains in seconds with local startup Tidy Heidy. Inspired by a “mother’s touch”, their flagship product is a color-safe and non-toxic stain remover for clearing away messy spots on-the-go. Toss this into your daily kikay kit and evade embarrassing mishaps anytime, anywhere.

The formula works on almost all kinds of spillage from food and drinks to makeup and dirt. This covers wine, coffee, ketchup, soy sauce, foundation, lipstick, and even grass and mud stains. This also helps to pre-treat stains that will make washing soiled fabric much easier.

So if you’re looking to avoid stain trouble, then you don’t have to look any further. Tidy Heidy products are now available online via BeautyMNL.