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A homegrown skincare brand, The Beauty Recipe was founded in 1994 by a chemical engineer who worked in research and development for one of Manila’s top cosmetic company. With a passion for her craft that continued even after work hours, she created prettifying products using a mix of organic ingredients with safe and effective solutions. The demand for these carefully crafted concoctions among family and friends became so great that the brand was then born. Experience The Beauty Recipe at BeautyMNL.

About The Beauty Recipe

The Beauty Recipe started in 1994 by the mother of the family, a chemical engineer who worked as a head research and development department in one of Manila’s top cosmetic companies. With the use of organic ingredients and proven effective yet safe chemicals, she formulated beauty products originally as gifs for friends and family. Due to the increasing demand among friends and family, Beauty Recipe was established. It wasn’t until early 2015 that the products were made available to the public.

Their essential skincare products include moisturizing cleansing soaps that cleanses dirt and oil while nourishing back the skin’s needed moisture; Tomato DD Cream that contains tomato extract and SPF 30 that hides your blemishes; Apple Pore Minimizer Toner that cleans and tightens pores without stripping the skin of it’s natural moisture; Lemon Facial cleanser that energizes tired and dull skin; and a Moisturizer Whitening Night Cream that whitens your skin while you sleep.

All products are made with the gentlest ingredients. The company’s aim is to provide organic products that care for one’s skin while being easy and affordable to use.

Now, you too can get these natural and organic beauty products right on your doorstep! Browse through our selection at BeautyMNL and find the right product for your skin needs.

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