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TEMPUR® was first created by NASA in the 1970’s to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off as they journeyed into space. TEMPUR® sleep scientists realized the potential of this revolutionary material and were the very first to introduce this to the world. Since then, Tempur has been making mattresses and pillows with the aim of transforming sleep for everyone across the globe. TEMPUR® products are tested to last, so you can enjoy uncompromising quality sleep each night for years to come.
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SmartCool Symphony Pillow (Large)
₱9,900.00 ₱11,000.00
SmartCool Comfort Signature Pillow
₱9,000.00 ₱10,000.00
SmartCool Original Queen Pillow (Large)
₱8,460.00 ₱9,400.00
Sleep Mask
₱1,620.00 ₱1,800.00
Bed Wedge
₱18,090.00 ₱20,100.00
Bed Back Support
₱6,570.00 ₱7,300.00
SmartCool Millennium Queen Pillow (Medium)
₱9,090.00 ₱10,100.00
SmartCool Millennium Queen Pillow (Large)
₱9,450.00 ₱10,500.00
Classic Queen Pillow
₱7,920.00 ₱8,800.00
SmartCool Symphony Pillow (Small)
₱8,190.00 ₱9,100.00
Traditional Pillow (Firm)
₱7,920.00 ₱8,800.00
Comfort Signature Pillow
₱8,280.00 ₱9,200.00
SmartCool Symphony Queen Pillow (Medium)
₱10,080.00 ₱11,200.00
Transit Pillow
₱4,845.00 ₱5,700.00
Travel Pillow
₱3,740.00 ₱4,400.00
SmartCool Symphony Pillow (Medium)
₱8,730.00 ₱9,700.00
Universal Pillow
₱5,220.00 ₱5,800.00
Seat Wedge
₱7,560.00 ₱8,400.00
SmartCool Original Queen Pillow (Medium)
₱8,190.00 ₱9,100.00
Lumbar Support
₱6,030.00 ₱6,700.00
Transit Lumbar Support
₱3,780.00 ₱4,200.00
SmartCool Ombracio Pillow
₱9,630.00 ₱10,700.00
Leg Spacer
₱7,110.00 ₱7,900.00
Seat Cushion
₱6,750.00 ₱7,500.00
Car Comforter
₱15,030.00 ₱16,700.00