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Tefal Cookware

For over 60 years, Tefal has taken inspiration from your daily life to provide seamless solutions to everyday needs. They invented the first non-stick cookware, and are continuously innovating and developing their know-hows to bring you ingenious, high-performing and easy-to-use products.\\
Tefal's life-proof innovations get the job done easily and quickly, so you can share more moments of happiness with your family. Time well spent leads to a life well lived, and that's what Tefal brings throughout the house. With Tefal by your side, you can get the best out of every day.
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Ingenio Black Wokpan (28cm) with Removable Handle
₱5,775.00 ₱8,250.00
Manual Chopper (500ml)
₱960.00 ₱1,600.00
Unlimited Wokpan (28cm)
₱2,800.00 ₱4,000.00
Santoku Knives (12cm)
₱900.00 ₱1,500.00
Ingenio Black Frypan (26cm)
₱2,485.00 ₱3,550.00
Ingenio Black Saucepan (18cm)
Utility Knives (12cm)
₱720.00 ₱1,200.00
Ingenio Glass Lid (18cm)
₱1,170.00 ₱1,950.00
Chef Knives (15cm)
₱930.00 ₱1,550.00
Day by Day IH Stockpot (22cm + Lid)
Unlimited Frypan (26cm)
₱2,485.00 ₱3,550.00
Ingenio Glass Lid (20cm)
₱1,260.00 ₱2,100.00
Ingenio Black Frypan (28cm)
₱2,625.00 ₱3,750.00
Ingenio Black Frypan (24cm)
₱2,345.00 ₱3,350.00
Day by Day IH Wok Pan (32cm without Lid)
Unlimited Sautepan (24cm)
₱3,780.00 ₱5,400.00
Unlimited Frypan (22cm)
₱2,100.00 ₱3,000.00
Unlimited Frypan (28cm)
₱2,765.00 ₱3,950.00
Unlimited Stewpot (24cm)
₱4,305.00 ₱6,150.00
Removable Handle
Ingenio 8-Piece Set
₱13,965.00 ₱19,950.00
Unlimited Frypan (24cm)
₱2,415.00 ₱3,450.00
Clipso Minut Duo (5L)
₱8,100.00 ₱13,500.00
3-Piece Set Hermetic Lid
₱870.00 ₱1,450.00
Manual Chopper (900ml)
₱1,650.00 ₱2,750.00
Unlimited Saucepan (16cm)
₱2,975.00 ₱4,250.00
Clipso Minut Perfect (7.5L)
₱10,500.00 ₱17,500.00
Ingenio 3-pc. Set Blue Salt
₱7,665.00 ₱10,950.00
Comfort (Ladle)
₱360.00 ₱600.00
Ingenio Glass Lid (16cm)
₱1,080.00 ₱1,800.00