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Established in 1997 by Franck Dubarry, Swiss watch label TechnoMarine is a top-of-mind brand for luxury sports watches. Once marketed as a “vacation souvenir watch” for tourists in Switzerland, TechnoMarine has since carved a niche for itself as a purveyor of innovative, fashionable timepieces. After receiving instant acclaim for its “Raft” watch, a chronograph fitted onto a clear plastic band, the silicone strap became the brand’s signature.

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Founded in 1997, TechnoMarine is a Swiss brand of designer watches founded by French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry in Geneva. One of their first products was called Raft, known as the “vacation souvenir” chronograph. Over 50,000 models of this watch were sold during the company’s first year alone, setting the stage for a string of future successes.

Inspired by the daring sailors of old, TechnoMarine combines both design and durability in its construction. This is reflected in the way its products all carry a marine motif, seen in collections like Cruise, Manta, and Sea. Of course, this also means that most of the brand’s watches can be worn in the water, making it perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

To be tough enough to survive this way of living, all TechnoMarine models are carefully engineered, starting from the initial design phase to the final assembly. Each timepiece is made using the same precision techniques for manufacturing Swiss watches.

This distinguished craftsmanship has given TechnoMarine international recognition. It also reflects the brand’s detailed attention to delivering excellent timepieces to its customers all over the world.

That doesn’t mean that the brand prioritizes design over durability. TechnoMarine watch designs all feature a fusion of quality, motion, and color. The brand’s models are made only from the finest materials, sometimes featuring unorthodox pairings like diamond-studded faces with sturdy silicone straps.

These traits make TechnoMarine watches a must-have for the most discerning men and women. It’s then no surprise that a number of distinguished personalities endorse the brand, such as actress Eva Longoria.

Hence, TechnoMarine watches are the perfect accessories for trips to the beach, boating activities, and even diving events. Whether you’re on a luxury cruise or spending a day at the seaside, you can still sport a unique sense of style thanks to the brand’s timepieces.

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