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Teas of Joy provides the highest quality of 100% naturally sundried, flavorful fruits, flowers, and tea leaves. Through its thoughtfully curated selection of loose tea variants, each product aims to deliver a delightful drink experience. Each tea variant has its own unique aroma, flavor, and health benefits to suit one’s needs, and each are meticulously packed to ensure quality and freshness. For all tea lovers out there, Teas of Joy will fulfill all dreams and expectations.

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About Teas of Joy

Take a sip of this high-quality, all-natural loose leaf tea and we guarantee you’ll be shedding real teas of joy! Teas of Joy is a local tea company that takes pride in its 100% naturally sun-dried flavorful fruits, flowers and tea leaves. This specially curated selection of herbal loose tea variants each pack their own distinct aroma, flavor, and health benefits fit for every need. Not only are these teas ensured of its quality and freshness due to good packaging, they’re all also organic, vegan, pregnancy-safe, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulcate-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free! Now what’s not to love?

Each tea can be used with either a tea infuser or a teapot, and is served as quick and easy as steeping it for just 5 minutes in hot water.

They have 5 variants ready for you to sip on - Royal Queen, Jasmine Oolong, Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Rose Oolong, and Gomphrena Globosa. A best-seller is the Gomphrena Globosa Tea, a fragrant, mellow purple tea made from the dried blossoms of the uniquely-named flower, known for reducing cholesterol, promoting good digestion, and detoxifying the system using antioxidants. Another tea favorite is Rose Oolong, a floral, pretty-in-pink tea with a smooth taste and anti-aging, antioxidant, metabolism-boosting, and immunity-strengthening properties.

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