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The idea of modern teas for the modern lifestyle began with the passion to promote better living. This started Teaconcept’s quest to find not only master mixologists from all over the world but also the finest tea flavours. Don’t think of their teas as magic potions or pseudo-science—rather, these blends are taken from the wonders of nature and the beauty of Mother Earth.

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About Teaconcept

Teaconcept is a local brand founded by Cheryll Chan, an entrepreneur and tea-drinking world traveler. She found that tea and travel gave her the best moments of her life. The teas created aim to make you feel good from within. Promoting a better lifestyle, the teas break the boundaries of the false promises made by beauty products and exercise routines. There’s no science to it – just using the finest tea from around the world that Mother Nature has to offer.

Here is a few of what is available here at BeautyMNL:

We all have those days where we eat a little more, sleep a little less or have one too many cocktails. Detox Tea is there for you to relieve yourself of all those pesky toxins.

Fight the morning snooze with Energy Tea. Give your body the rejuvenation it deserves.

Happy Tea is the complete perk-me-up with the benefit of coffee and the antioxidant powers of tea.

Pretty Tea is an antioxidant that maintains the nourishment in your body at the same time giving you that healthy glow.

Keep your skin supple and glowing with Skin Tea. This floral goodness is enriched with vitamins and the anti-ageing power of bamboo leaf.

If weight loss programs don’t seem to work for you, maybe Slim Tea would be the way. Let lavender pu-erh tea help you regulate your weight while fighting cancer producing toxins.

Helpful for that time of the month, for your metabolism and immune system, Woman tea will have you ready for what the world has in store with you.

Start feeling good from within the moment you wake up! Choose among the available teas from Teaconcept here on BeautyMNL. No false promises, just results. Get free shipping for orders worth PHP2000 or more.

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