Master the “science of fabulous” with T3’s spectacular styling tools. From irons to dryers, brushes to rollers, this state-of-the-art brand employs the most innovative techniques to deliver effective beauty gadgetry. Get the hairstyle you always wanted with T3’s award-winning inventions.


T3 is a brand of hair styling irons and tools that were initially conceptualized in 2003. It is the first to use the revolutionary Tourmaline heating technology found in most modern heating irons today.

This revolutionary component is known as the ““electric stone,”” due to its ability to emit negative ions and healthy infrared heat when exposed to high temperatures. These special ions reduce static and seal the hair cuticle which, diminish frizz and smooth locks for an even shine after each use.

Founder Kent Yu was the first to adapt this technology for hair irons. Since then, he followed it up with numerous innovations.

Among T3’s defining innovations is the SinglePass Technology used in its curling wands and straightening irons. This exposes your hair to as little heat as possible in just one pass, without sacrificing styling power. It is made possible through an internal sensor that maintains a consistent temperature for the irons throughout the styling process.

Thanks to this, your hair is spared from the risk of unnecessary burns when styling. You also save time when styling since you only need one pass-through, as opposed to traditional irons.

Another unique innovation is T3’s Tourmaline Softair. Unlike traditional blow-dryers that simply blast hot air, T3 dryers use a specially-engineered fan that produces ion-enriched air. This exits the dryer in a cone-shaped flow in a consistent current. As a result, it dries large sections of hair quickly and gently, with the negative ions neutralizing static and sealing the cuticle. This helps the hair retain moisture without leaving it soaking wet.

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