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The WAX LAB COMPANY believes in a natural approach to beauty, not only manufacturing their own environmentally-friendly sugar wax for use in their waxing salon, but also offering it to the public as Sweet Solutions by Wax Lab. Now available on BeautyMNL, these professional-grade sugar waxes (as well as other natural skincare products) are free of parabens, dyes, resins, silicones, and fragrances so you get naturally soft, smooth skin minus the harmful chemicals.

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About Sweet Solutions

Founded in 2014, Sweet Solutions is a Philippine brand of cold sugar wax treatments made by The Wax Lab Company salon. This brand offers professional-grade sugar waxes that allow you to remove hair effortlessly, in the comfort of your own home.

Unlike other methods, the cold sugar waxing technique uses an all-natural sugar paste that extracts your hair in its natural direction of growth. This is done when the follicles are still in their early growth stages, thus eliminating breakage and unnecessary discomfort. With this technique, you avoid irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.

And compared to other kinds of hair removal wax, the sugar only sticks to hair and dead skin cells. This helps eliminate the discomfort of conventional hair removal services as it doesn’t cling to healthy skin. Hence, when you remove the wax, you also end up exfoliating your skin—resulting in a softer, silkier pelt.

The Sweet Solutions formula also adheres to the hair better, thanks to the fact that it’s made to be more viscous than other sugar waxes in the market. That lets you wax off your unwanted hair, even if it is less than a fourth of an inch long. This sugar wax is also free of parabens, dyes, resins, silicones and fragrances that could be harmful to the skin. It’s actually so safe that you can eat it!

This emphasis on natural safety defines what The Wax Lab Company is all about. The salon’s other products are made of natural ingredients that can help soothe your skin and nourish it at the same time. And other than creating the Sweet Solutions line, the salon also offers a variety of services. These include ayurvedic facials for both men and women, underarm whitening services, and of course, full-leg waxing.

Now, you too can enjoy the safest and most fun way to extract unwanted body hair. Buy your own jar of Sweet Solutions cold sugar wax on BeautyMNL today!

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