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Summer Farms offers gourmet tropical jams and cold-pressed juices that are as bright as a sunny day, both beaming with fresh, ripe tropical fruits and vegetables. From homemade recipes to tried-and-tested juicing techniques, each of their products make a healthful addition to your diet while giving your body all the vitamins it needs. Start your day right with Summer Farms.

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Among the sunny islands of the Philippines come vibrantly flavored tropical fruit just waiting to be tasted. And with summer lasting all year round, you can savor each moment with Summer Farms’ refreshing juices and delectable fruit jams.

There is no better way to stock up on vitamins than through ripe, sweet, and native produce. The juices and jams are made fresh, raw, and with a 100% natural formula locally-sourced from Philippine farms. By boosting your health with every gulp and bite, a healthy lifestyle is now made effortless and super fun.

Perfected through their homemade recipes, each product is a labor of love inspired by fun and healthful living. To kickstart your routine, browse through Summer Farms for various jams to fit your every mood. Get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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