New kid on the block Stylist Sprayers came to life in January 2014 with the professional hairstylist in mind. Using a patented ADG Pre-Compression technology, these revolutionary spray bottles deliver a consistent spray pattern of fine water droplets that quickly, effortlessly, and evenly cover hair. The coolest part? It doesn’t matter if you’re holding the bottle upright, sideways, or upside down! Stylist Sprayers give the perfect spray every single time, thanks to its 360-degree spraying skills.

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About Stylist Sprayers

Founded in 2014, Stylist Sprayers is a brand of continuous spray bottles that provide an alternative to regular aerosol models. They are most notable for delivering fine-mist sprays without using propellant gases and pressurized containers that pose environmental, health, and safety hazards.

Unlike standard spray bottles, Stylist Sprayers work using repeated actuation. This produces an endless spray of its contents, allowing large areas in your hair to be covered quickly and easily. The mechanism gives a fixed output of 1.25cc per second, which is dispensed in a constant stream when you hit the trigger. As a result, the entire container’s contents is used—the spray bottle is guaranteed to pump out 99% of its contents—minimizing waste.

You also spend less effort when spraying. Instead of constantly pressing the spray nozzle, all you need is to hold the trigger down. This results in less fatigue compared to fingertip spray models.

On top of that, its 360° spraying option allows you to reach all areas from difficult angles, even upside down. This allows you to evenly spray a coating on your hair every time, giving it a shiny finish.

You can also get separately sold refills, ensuring maximum product life. That’s not to say that a Stylist Sprayer won’t last long as each bottle is good for approximately 15,000 sprays. This means that even if you use it every single day, it won’t fall apart!

Stylist Sprayers also come in a variety of designs. Simply pick the one that appeals to your sense of style—be it inspirational quotes, smileys, or even the bottles with the flashiest colors in our inventory.

Regardless of the formula you need to use, you can be sure that Stylist Sprayers can apply it evenly without wasting a drop. And now, you too can own these revolutionary spray bottles. Order your very own Stylist Sprayer model on BeautyMNL today!

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