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Stip’s Chips is your newest snack food fave. We make crispy home-made potato chips with the creamy blend of sweet and salty salted egg mix, and curry leaves for that extra seasoning. The melt-in-your-mouth salted egg potato chips crafted by foodies guaranteed to keep you craving for more! The tastiest potato chip craze is here!

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About Stip's Chips

Are you part of those enamored by the salted egg chips craze? We don’t blame you. The delicious, innovative snack has quickly made its way as a crowd favorite for its unique and addicting taste. Aside from food markets and bazaars, buying these holy grail food items seem to be out of reach.

Worry not – Stips Chips has got you covered. All thanks to certified foodie couple Stephen and Jen Tan, the brand formulated a one-of-a-kind crispy, homemade salted egg chips recipe. Started in 2016, the brand offers Potato and Fish Skin variant in the classic original flavor or a spicy flavor for those who want a little kick. The perfect blend of sweet and salty merges into a scrumptious snack that guarantees the taste of salted egg goodness in every bite that will certainly make you come back for more.

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