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Stasher bag is the ideal substitute to using plastic bags and containers. Featuring the purity of glass and the functionality of plastic, it can safely go from freezer to the stovetop, microwave, and sous vide, straight to the dishwasher. It is the world’s self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag that can be reused over 3,000 times and is ideal for school, work, and travel. Choose Stasher as your functional, sustainable solution for containers.

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About Stasher

Stasher sandwich bags may be the ultimate in sandwich bags. You might never have to buy another reusable bag again. Unlike most other reusable sandwich containers, Stasher bags are made from freezer and stovetop-safe materials. You can even use them for sous vide. These airtight containers are rated for 3,000 uses minimum, giving you years and years of safe sandwiches and leftovers.

Stasher Sandwich Bags come in a variety of colors and are safe for use in nearly every conceivable normal kitchen situation. Use them for simple storage, marinating, or take them out with you on your daily commute to save money and so you can eat exactly the things you want to eat.

Order your Stasher bags right here on BeautyMNL. We offer an ever-expanding selection of specialty kitchen items and other accessories from thousands of brands to help you eat and live more beautifully.

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