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SRB, or Stabilized Rice Bran, is a gentle yet effective skincare line from South Korea that’s based on the ancient practice of rice washing used by the women of the royal palace. This practice of using rice water kept their skin smooth, silky, and youthful, and is now utilized by SRB with a modern twist. Utilizing naturally derived ingredients obtained as a byproduct of washing rice—including rice embryo buds and rice bran, which contain 50 kinds of natural antioxidants—this Korean beauty brand has come up with a nourishing line of skincare to help you achieve a more radiant look.

Enzyme Powder Wash SRB
₱1,300.00 ₱1,200.00

About SRB

If you haven’t enjoyed SRB before, you’re in for a treat. SRB or Stabilized Rice Bran draws from millennia of tradition when women of the different Korean kingdoms used rice water to maintain smooth, youthful skin. This ancient tradition is still alive, albeit updated with the latest in modern technology. Rice byproducts including the bran and embryo buds contain about 50 antioxidants, which are responsible for SRB’s anti-aging properties.

Use SRB Enzyme Powder Wash for silky-smooth skin enjoyed by countless generations of Korean women. This is where the K-Beauty trend began.

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