Beauty brand Sphynx brings you unique and inventive personal care products that are perfect for busy women who are always on the move. By sidestepping the bathroom-bound beauty routine, the brand provides smart design and efficient products so you have more time to do the things you love. Their innovative travel razor can be whipped out anywhere and used quickly and discreetly! It’s cute circular design contains all you need— a refillable spray water bottle, a shea butter-based moisturizing bar, and two separate razor blades—for a smooth, close shave out of the shower! Always stay in tip-top beauty shape with Sphynx.

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About Sphynx

Sphynx Razors allow you to shave even if you’re not fresh off a shower. With their portable design and discreet form, Sphynx razors are ideal companion that helps you deal with hair-related emergencies even when you’re on the go.

BeautyMNL knows how important shaving unwanted hair is. Ankles, underarms and other parts that you want to keep smooth need to be shaven religiously. Unfortunately, modern Filipinas need to deal with a lot in their schedules and we can’t be blamed if we sometimes forget this crucial part of our grooming routines.

Order your Sphynx Razor now and get it delivered quickly and in perfect condition right to your doorstep. Browse our massive selection of items and discover other products for the best beauty, personal care and grooming experience yet.

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