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Southern Folk wants to share the comfort that only a hot tsokolate can provide. A long-standing family tradition, their artisanal drinking chocolate has been enjoyed and passed on from generation to generation. The brand features unique cacao products made from quality ingredients straight from Mt. Isarog. In addition to that, they also do their best to advocate and practice natural diversified farming to ensure the environment continues to flourish.

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About Southern Folk Cacao Farm & Produce Co

Southern Folk Cacao Farm & Produce Co shines the spotlight on the humble cacao, hoping to reintroduce it to the younger generations for its depth of flavor, versatility, and health benefits. Tats Gaon and Chuck Tuaño grow cacao beans and a variety of produce from the family-owned farm along the foothills of Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur, Bicol. They take pride in employing only natural, sustainable farming methods, laboriously handpicking, grinding, and fermenting beans to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

Southern Folk offers different ways to enjoy the cacao through their artisanal products: the Pure Cacao Tea, made of 100% cacao husk, makes for a soothing, delicate (and calorie-free!) cup. Their Cacao Nibs (fermented cacao beans) is an antioxidant powerhouse and full of flavonoids, great to munch as it is or for sprinkling on your oats, smoothies, and desserts. They also have a ready-to-cook version of the well-loved champorado (chocolate rice porridge). But the heart of Southern Folk’s product line would be the best-selling Tablea - round balls of deep, dark tablea that finds its pinnacle in a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Get Southern Folk’s cacao-based products in BeautyMNL and enjoy the comfort only a cup of hot chocolate can provide.

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