100% imported from Korea, Soosul (which means “tree tongue” in Korean) offers products made with Sang-Hwang mushroom (scientific name: Phellinus Linteus), which is highly valued for its medicinal properties. Boasting benefits that include skin regeneration, whitening, and moisturizing effects, Soosul can help transform your skin into the one you’ve always dreamed of having.

Mushroom Whitening Sleeping Pack SOOSUL
₱2,298.00 ₱1,598.00
Mushroom Silver Neck Cream SOOSUL
₱1,598.00 ₱1,198.00
Mushroom Whitening Toner SOOSUL
₱1,298.00 ₱998.00
Mushroom Ginseng Cream SOOSUL
₱2,998.00 ₱2,398.00
Mushroom Peeling Gel SOOSUL
₱698.00 ₱498.00
Mushroom Whitening Serum SOOSUL
₱2,298.00 ₱998.00
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