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Sonar and sister brand Shinon offer quality beauty tools to help enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Their constant pursuit of new and innovative technology allows them to deliver top-of-the-line personal care appliances and accessories. Their hairstyling tools and grooming implements are sought after worldwide.


Sonar is an Asian brand of handheld hair curling irons. Like its sister brand Shinon, its products are specifically made for precision styling. Whether your hair needs soft flowing curls or straightened strands, you can count on Sonar’s hair curlers to make your hair look attractive.

Unlike other hair irons, Sonar’s models feature a Tourmaline-ceramic plate setup. This allows their irons to quickly heat up from anywhere between 100℃ to as much as 230℃, giving you instant results.

Several models even use barrels to help distribute this heat evenly throughout your hair. This prevents any potential breakage and allows for precise styling, as opposed to using the usual Teflon or titanium-based irons. Now you can curl your hair or straighten it, without having to resort to expensive salon treatments. Sonar hair irons are guaranteed to give you straighter or curly hair without any uneven patches.

Some of Sonar’s curlers also feature an LCD display alongside precise temperature controls—one of its top advantages over cheap brands. The brand’s irons also feature durable heat insulators and sturdy grips, giving you maximum styling control over your hair. These features allow you to determine exactly how much heat is needed for even the most demanding styles today.

And to top it off, Sonar styling tools come equipped with safety features. One example is the auto-off function, which can help prevent the device from overheating.

Today, Sonar’s hair curlers are sold worldwide through a network of online distributors, alongside those of its sister brand Shinon. The brand also enjoys a global demand for its products; it is one of the most widely used models in the market.

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