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Solinotes is a fragrance brand born from a simple ambition—to offer a new, 100% Positive, 100% Creative, 100% Fun vision of perfumery. This approach led them to create no less than 15 “notes” with each Solinotes perfume serving as the interpretation of a key note (“Soli” + “Notes”) so that you could use each perfume on its own or layer with other fragrances within the collection to create your own unique blend. Discover a new perfume experience and merge these sought-after perfumery essences together to create a new and unique fragrance that fits you.

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About Solinotes

With over 83 years in the industry, Solinotes’ unique philosophy is what sets this French perfumery at par with other luxurious fragrance labels from across the globe. Their ambition is simple: To transform the way people perceive perfumes by pouring in positivity, creativity, and fun in every delicate bottle. Solinotes believes that high-quality essences should not be limited to luxury perfumeries alone, and this is why each scent contains only the most fundamental elements that are vital to create unique blends. No superfluous, extravagant, and inessential ingredients – only high-quality fragrances with a great value for money.

To create their perfumes, Solinotes sources the finest essences from Grasse, France, and carefully processes them through environment-friendly and cruelty-free procedures under the strictest quality standards. Their extensive line of sweet, fruity, and avant-garde scents can either be worn alone or layered like an accessory depending on your personality, style or mood. Flaunt yourself with Solinotes’ exciting fragrances and fun combinations!

If you’re a gal who’s constantly on the move, Solinotes’ Roll On perfumes are your new best friend. Choose among Oranger for a citrus hint, Vanille for a sweet and oriental note, Rose for a floral fragrance, and Cerisier for a fruity kick. All Solinotes perfumes are long wearing, so you’ll definitely feel fresh and dainty all day long!

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