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Expertly designed to address your every makeup need, Soffia Beauty’s brushes are crafted with rare, world-class Lush Opulence bristles that glide silky-smooth over your skin. The bristles are made with one of two materials–first, the softest, most luxurious grade of synthetic hair, or second, top-of-the-line goat hair. Each Soffia brush is put together with meticulous Japanese techniques and held to the highest standards, so you can be sure that you’re getting fine quality tools. Explore the whole line right here on BeautyMNL.

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About Soffia Beauty

Soffia Beauty is a Philippine-made brand of makeup brushes founded by Sophie Uy, an experienced beauty blogger.

Sophie’s career began with selling mineral-based makeup products back in 2006. With her focus on finding high-quality makeup brushes, she ended up developing her own personal makeup brush brand. She then decided to fully pursue this endeavor after seeing the demand for similar products, which eventually gave birth to the Soffia Beauty brand.

The company showcases a full line of locally-made beauty tools, all designed to help to make your foundation and makeup application better. Its makeup brushes are made with expert craftsmanship, allowing you to put on cosmetics with expert-level precision. From wide-scale applications to fine detailing, you get professional-grade results.

Among its most talked-about products, the Opulence line of brushes are the ones that stand out. Featuring full-on face brushes, contouring and flat top applicators, you’ll never have a shortage of tools for the job.

These makeup tools are also produced by the same makers of the Charm Makeup Brushes, which means you’ll get the same high level of quality with the Soffia Beauty product line. Like its predecessor, these tools are meant to be used with all types of makeup—including liquids, powders and even mousse foundations.

The brand promises quality and consistent applications with every use. Its brushes are made using only the best materials, all of which are cruelty free. Each brush’s luxurious velvet-like bristles are designed to make applications as easy on the skin as possible, allowing you to focus on achieving the best look you can get every time.

Now, you too can enjoy these precision makeup tools made right in the Philippines. Buy Soffia Beauty makeup brushes now on BeautyMNL! Sign up today and get free shipping for purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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