Known for their bestselling instant whitening creams for the body and underarms (Shiro Waki Hime and Shiro Ashi Hime), Japanese brand Himecoto aims to provide flawless fair skin fit for a fairytale princess. With their wide range of beauty and health care products, Himecoto aims to help every women transform their skin for a more youthful, beautiful look fit for royalty.

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About Shiro Waki Ashi

Shiro Waki Ashi is a whitening line under the Japanese brand Himecoto. The company carries a wide range of beauty and health care products that promise flawless skin for a fairytale princess by making skin youthful and more beautiful.

Shiro Waki Ashi is known for their bestselling whitening creams Shiro Ashi Hime and Shiro Waki Hime, which are used for the body and underarms respectively. Shiro Ashi Hime is a body cream used to cover up blemishes, freckles, age spots and the like, thanks to its Chamomila extract, all the while whitening and evening out your skin tone too! Use on legs, knees and elbows— areas that easily get dark. It even tightens skin too, making it look supple, with its coffee and mate tea extract.

The effective yet gentle formulation of Shiro Waki Hime even promises quick results, with lighter underarms in 30 seconds! But that’s not all there is to it. The peeling cream absorbs dirt, removes dead skin with its fruit acid, and moisturizes skin via Hyaluronic acid so that your underarms are not just white—they’re baby soft too!

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