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Shinon and sister brand Sonar offer quality beauty tools to help enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Their constant pursuit of new and innovative technology allows them to deliver top-of-the-line personal care appliances and accessories. Their hairstyling tools and grooming implements are sought after worldwide.


Shinon is a brand of handheld hair curling irons. Each one is designed to give you the right kind of style you need, from curly to pin-straight hair.

These irons are designed with speed, precision, and durability in mind. They can heat up from 100℃ to as much as 230℃ in just one minute for instant results. With these irons sporting tourmaline-ceramic plates and barrels, they can distribute this heat evenly, allowing you to cover as much hair as possible. As opposed to using typical Teflon or titanium-based irons, you get evenly distributed curls and straighter hair without any uneven patches. This guarantees superior results without pulling or breaking your hair, leaving it with a glossy finish.

Some models also feature an LCD display and temperature controls, allowing you to find and control the exact level of heat that you need for pulling off all those complex curling techniques. Yet even if they heat in up in just 60 seconds, you won’t need to worry about burning yourself. An integrated heat protection mat also keeps your hands safe when using these irons, even for extended periods.

This emphasis on ease of use extends to the cord and plug—something often overlooked by most people. Not only are Shinon irons have plugs that are compatible with most sockets. These curlers also have a 360 degree rotating power cord that’s built according to international standards. This prevents unnecessary winding and saves you from the hassle of tangled cables. The compact size also allows it to be used anywhere by almost anyone who needs to style their hair quickly.

Today, Shinon hair curling irons are sold worldwide through online distributors. It’s now one of the most widely used hair iron brands in the market. And now, you too can style your hair using these tried-and-tested tools. Order Shinon hair curling irons today on BeautyMNL!