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Seleco is a unique crunchy seaweed snack with no MSG added. Seleco, the fat free healthy snack that comes with great taste! #NeverJustSeaweed

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About Seleco

Nori refers to dried seaweed commonly used in Asian countries for cooking and food consumption. Through the years, it has made its way as a crowd favorite for being a yummy, healthy snack or wrapped around sushi.

Seleco proudly offers fat-free dried seaweed snacks with absolutely no MSG. Don’t underestimate this seemingly thin sheet of vegetable. Nori is a great source of B and C vitamins and unsaturated fats. As a sea vegetable, it is extremely rich in iodine and when converted in the body, it stimulates the thyroid gland which is key to regulating your metabolism and controlling body weight. Iodine also helps in maintaining a healthy and pleasant appearance – healthy hair, skin, teeth, and nails. Choose from Tom Yum Crispy Seaweed which you can put in your classic Asian soups or Original Sushi Roll in Original and Spicy flavor for homemade sushi recipes!

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