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Seed & Tree is a naturalism-focused brand that offers skincare and cosmetics loaded with ingredients from plants and minerals. Each product is free from chemicals, such as paragon, alcohol, mineral oil, dye, and artificial fragrances that may cause skin irritation. Instead, Seed & Tree utilizes the abundant natural elements that have been effectively proven through time, so skin looks more beautiful and healthy with each use. Discover pure energy from nature with Seed & Tree.

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About Seed & Tree

Seed & Tree is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on all things natural by using ingredients from plants and minerals to provide skincare and cosmetics. All their products do not contain chemicals like paraben, alcohol, mineral oils, dye and artificial fragrances that can cause skin irritation. Instead, Seed & Tree utilizes the power of nature with natural ingredients sourced from Korea that make skin look beautiful and healthy with continued use.

Seed & Tree uses a gentle formulation that works for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Their product line includes toners, essences, gels and creams that soothe and rehydrate skin, such as their Aqua Soothing Sun Gel, Cedar Wood Toner and Aqua Shining Essence. Seed & Tree even has a makeup line that comes with anti-aging ingredients, unlike the commercial products that come loaded with chemicals. Their Cover Cushions are multi-functional too, as they come with SPF and moisturizing properties that not only even up skin tone but also soothes and calms skin too.

Their bestselling skincare products include the Snail Cleansing Foam Wash and Timeless Repair Snail cream. Key ingredients include Snail Essence, which is famous for its anti-aging properties and helps make skin glowing and supple while eliminating pores and controlling acne. Their formulation is not sticky and drying at all— rather, it speeds up healing and leaves skin feeling fresh all day.

For long-term healthy skin, start your Korean skincare regimen with Seed & Tree products! Now you don’t need to fly all the way to Korea to buy them—they’re now in BeautyMNL! Discover pure energy from nature with Seed & Tree.

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