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Known for its famous slogan, “Strong enough for a man, made for a woman,” Secret is one those iconic deodorant brands that continues to be relevant today. Since 1956, Secret deo has provided women of all ages with the protection they need against underarm wetness and odor. Shop it right here on BeautyMNL!

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About Secret

Secret is an iconic brand of deodorants manufactured by the global company Procter & Gamble. Made specifically for women, it’s the only female-focused brand in the P&G portfolio, which primarily focuses on products for men. It’s best known for its iconic tagline: “Strong enough for a man, made for a woman.”

The product line itself began in 1945, when Procter & Gamble began research into a new deodorant and antiperspirant. It was then first introduced in 1956 as a hand-applied cream for the underarms. The product eventually evolved into an aerosol-type body spray and a solid round stick version in 1978.

Further innovations were made in the 90’s. During this time, Secret launched its new Ultra Dry and Sheer Dry variants, which were later proven to be more effective and longer-lasting, compared to its previous formulations. Another one was the Platinum Soft Solid deodorant, which was the strongest over-the-counter antiperspirant during that time.

The early 2000’s was another great time for the brand, with the launch of several scented Secret variants such as the Ambition, Genuine, and Optimism. It also released the first waterproof deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof.

Aside from these innovations, the brand maintains a strong advocacy of empowering women and inspiring confidence through its products. This has remained consistent in their marketing messages, which feature women excelling in sports and in their careers. One of their recent campaigns, Mean Stinks, also puts a spotlight on girl-on-girl bullying—and how women can end the problem.

By providing superior odor protection and antiperspirant properties, Secret continues to stay ahead of other deodorants for women.

Now, you too can enjoy the best protection for your underarms, whether regarding perspiration or odor. Order Secret deodorants and antiperspirants on BeautyMNL today! Sign up now to get free shipping on purchases worth PHP 2,000 and above.

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