ScarRescue helps improve the appearance of blemishes. ScarRescue was born from a mom’s quest to blur her caesarean section scar, and heal the many bumps and brusies of her accident-prone toddler. ScarRescue is made with super premium oils that naturally help with skin cell regeneration. Reviewers swear it helps erase scars—old and new, zap big, fat pimples, heal bumps and bruises, and soothe sunburns. Among other things, it’s made from organic virgin coconut oil, helichrysum, frankincense, and plant-based wonder nutrient, lauric acid. Say BYE BLEMISHES with ScarRescue! No approved therapeutic claims.

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About ScarRescue

ScarRescue is a creation of local brand Bebebalm, which concocts skincare products made from natural, gentle ingredients. Bebebalm started out from a mom’s determination to solve her baby’s eczema, eventually blooming into a collaboration with her dermatologist aunt and medical doctor-slash-biochemist husband. Science meets time-honored remedies in its nutrient-rich, chemical-free products, which work well even for babies and kids. It has garnered fans among adults with sensitive skin, as well as pregnant women and moms.

For lightening scars anywhere on your body, including your face, ScarRescue smoothes out the skin in no time. Originally meant to solve postpartum stretch marks, it helps erase all sorts of scars, including bruises, sunburns, and pimples. Ingredients include organic virgin coconut oil, helichrysum, frankincense, and lauric acid, all of which have benefits for the skin. In particular, frankincense shrinks pores and prevents wrinkles, while helichrysum reduces blemishes and redness. These premium oils combine to form a soothing balm that encourages skin regeneration.

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