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Samyang began its journey as noodle pioneers by inventing Korea's first ramen. They helped overcome hunger in the country and later sought to improve the health and well-being of the Korean people. With passion for creating a better life for their customers, Samyang has become one of the most iconic and trustworthy food brands in the world. Their goal is to continue growing and help everyone to enjoy a more delicious world.
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Hot Cheese Flavor Pouch (140g x 5)
Buldak Ramyun (140g)
Hot Carbonara Flavor Pouch (130g x 5)
Original Ramyun (120g)
Hot Chicken Light-40% Less Spicy (110g) 4-Pack
Samyang Buldak Mayonaise Sauce 250g
Buldak Tomato Flavor Pouch (140g x 5)
Samyang x Jinro Ramen (4-Pack)
Vegetable Ramyun (115g)
Samyang Hot Kimchi Flavor 140g x 5