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Sage & Tera is a new-age artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted health + vanity products born of a love affair between botanicals and various earth elements. At the heart of their formulations are raw, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients that offer the most abundant nutrients and the highest amount of skin-improving constituents. With products acting as a catalyst for self-care rituals, the brand offers a multisensory experience that inspires you to nourish and cultivate radiant skin. With unique formulas emerging from both Ayurvedic principles and Western Herbalism, Sage & Tera brings powerful active botanicals to your skin.

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About Sage & Tera

Using formulas inspired by Ayurvedic and Western traditional medicine, Sage & Tera gives you a new-age experience with their cosmetics and health products. Raw and organic ingredients are used in their lines of products, giving you magically radiant skin. Drawing from a multitude of traditions, Sage & Tera combines the old and the new, delivering a truly unique set of products to the market.

Some of Sage & Tera’s popular offers include Vanishing Spell, The Cullen DNA, Icky Green Goo, and The Aftermask. All of these are available at BeautyMNL.

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