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Experience exceptional brush quality and precision with Real Techniques! This makeup brush brand was founded by sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman and launched in 2011. Both makeup artists with a passion for beauty, the Chapman siblings spent years creating YouTube makeup videos at a time when vlogging was still new. Their Pixiwoo channel gained a cult following through the years, eventually racking up millions of views. This got them thinking—why not create the perfect tools to help women achieve their perfect beauty looks? Thus, Real Techniques was born.

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About Real Techniques

Founded in 2011, Real Techniques is a product line of makeup tools and brushes under the Paris Presents brand. The line is owned by makeup professionals, Samantha and Nicola Chapman, whose careers began as YouTube video bloggers on makeup techniques. The former would feature looks fit for fashion runway models, while the latter would discuss the latest celebrity cosmetic styles. This was what their Pixiwoo YouTube channel was all about—a platform for sharing professional makeup tips and tricks.

The two sisters eventually founded the Real Techniques brand a few years later. Through this brand, they offer makeup brushes that boast of softer and smoother bristles, compared to commercially available ones in the market today.

Since the bristles are synthetic, they are guaranteed to be 100% cruelty-free. That also makes them perfect for creating a flawless, high-definition finish regardless of the lighting condition, from sunlight to professional photography lights. Each brush bristle is also hand-cut to suit a variety of products, including powders, creams, foundations and fluids.

They’re also individually labelled for easy reference and storage. That makes these brushes ideal for newbies—saving them from having to guess what each one is for.

Today, the brand ships its products to several countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Its founders also continue to remain influential authorities in the makeup industry through television appearances, magazine articles, and newspaper columns. Thanks to their untiring efforts, Real Techniques has now become a way for women to transform their everyday makeup routines, making them look more beautiful each day.

Now, you too can enjoy using the best professional makeup tools in the comfort of your own home. Order Real Techniques makeup tools on BeautyMNL today! Sign up now and get free shipping for orders worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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