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With the input of professionals and beauty experts who have been working in the Korean skin care industry for over 20 years, Real Skin’s strength lies in a merging of both Science and Nature to bring you the best in skincare. The South Korean brand’s offerings are thoughtfully created to address your individual skin’s needs using premium, non-toxic ingredients that are gentle even on sensitive skin. Discover their popular Healthy Vinegar Skin Toners and notice the change in your complexion.

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About Real Skin

With over 20 years of professional practice and scientific studies, Real Skin continues to create products that are non-toxic, gentle, and effective for the skin. By thoughtfully merging Nature and Science, Real Skin developed innovative formulations and combined the best ingredients that deliver fast and unparalleled results. Say goodbye to dark spots, fine lines, and dull skin and say hello to a beautiful, new you.

Real Skin’s bestselling Healthy Vinegar Toner comes in many variants which you can choose from based on your specific skin problem. For rough and textured skin, the Mulberry Vinegar Toner can help smoothen your skin and bring back its suppleness. For irritated skin, the Makgeoli Vinegar Toner’s rice ingredient and balanced pH level can correct and soothe your irritations. But if you’re one who simply needs an extra boost of moisture, you can try the Lavender Vinegar Toner and you’re good to go! Other product offerings include the One Shot Ampoules, Blood Water Serum Type O, and White Vitamin Tone Up Cream - all formulated with 100% safe and dermatologically tested ingredients that will give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

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