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RAINS Delicacies is a small company based in Albay, Bicol that offers quality pili nut products and puts a unique spin of flavors to the classic pasalubong snack. Supporting their products help support local agriculture and improve the lives of farmers and workers in Bicol.Their products are made from natural ingredients and no preservatives.

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About Rains Delicacies

When it comes to food, the Bicol Region is known for its spicy cuisine infused with coconut milk—and the pili nut. Based in Albay, Bicol, Rains Delicacies raises the bar high for pasalubongs, putting a creative spin on the pili nut while also selling woven products such as bags, desk accessories, and baskets. Their snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and zero preservatives, with the pili nuts harvested from trees in Mayon’s fertile soil. Buy your own stash, and not only will you have delicious, protein-rich snacks on hand, you’ll also be supporting local farmers in Bicol!

The pili nut’s creamy, buttery flavor makes it a great standalone snack, but it’s also a favorite ingredient in many local desserts. Although it’s native to the Philippines, it’s been hailed as a superfood in other countries. Vegetarians can turn to it for protein since it provides all eight of the essential amino acids that the body gets from food. It’s also the nut with the highest amount of magnesium, which strengthens your bones and keeps blood pressure down, and it’s full of heart-healthy fats. Rains Delicacies offers pili nuts in eight delightful flavors: marzipan buttons, sea salt, honey cinnamon, muscovado, roasted whole, chili turmeric, and honey. Rich in Vitamin E and other essential minerals, these are either roasted or fried in coconut oil.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to Bicol to taste these pili nut snacks. They’re available through our online platform at BeautyMNL, which is used and trusted by thousands of customers all over the country. Order now and have them shipped to anywhere in the Philippines!

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