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Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest is an independent brand that believes in creating products inspired by a sweet blend of imagination and memories. The result: handcrafted natural perfumes that transport every woman to a different realm of remarkable stories (real or imagined) as well as travel-inspired closet stuffers.

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About Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest

Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest is an independent local brand created by Wiji Lacsamana. The brand believes in creating items inspired by memories and imagination that are the most authentic, loved, and cruelty-free. They have beautiful and elegant hand-crafted natural perfumes made in small batches that intend to transport women to a different realm, real or imagined. Each scent is a manifestation of remarkable stories.

Their perfumes include Costa, which is inspired by the breeze that sweeps through Italian coastlines; Maya which smells like mangoes to give the nostalgia of warm summer afternoons in the Philippines; Mornings which is an ode to what mornings would be like in coffee farms in Bukidnon, Philippines; Toshi which is designed to seamlessly flow with our daily motions with a blend of bergamot, sage and tea; and Lolita which is inspired by the novel infused with rose petals with its sensual cocoa note.

Created in a little home studio, their oil perfumes come in petite bottles that can also be used as good moisturizers.

The wraps and occasional garments curated are created out of wanderlust, the longing to be out there. They intend to transport you to where you want to be.

Now, you too can transcend to new experiences and destinations when you get your Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest perfumes on BeautyMNL. Get free shipping on orders worth PHP2000 or more.

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