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A skin-friendly beauty brand, Purederm uses a moisturizing, low-irritation formula to help women achieve revitalized, glowing skin. Since making its debut on the global market in 2002, the brand has joined the ranks of trend-leading companies in the industry with its revolutionary skincare products to answer the needs and lifestyles of women worldwide. Choose Purederm for “Pure Skin.”

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About Purederm

Despite a modest debut in 2002, Korean brand Purederm quickly made a name for itself by immediately providing high-quality skin care products that help women regain their skin’s healthy vitality and glow, especially in notoriously-difficult areas such on the feet. It quickly became a household name in Korea and soon achieved worldwide success, with its products being sold in many boutiques and online shopping websites.

With such revolutionary products as its highly-popular Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask proving to be effective no matter the skin type or skin ailment severity, it’s no wonder that Purederm has joined the ranks of many leading skin care brands leading the charge towards healthier and prettier skin.

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