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Promise is a socially conscious beauty brand that aims to help women discover their natural beauty. By delivering safe, high quality, and effective yet affordable beauty and wellness products—with a chance at entrepreneurship through direct selling—Promise gives Filipino women a chance to empower themselves. Each Promise product boosts confidence, lifts energy and spirits, improves lifestyle, and delivers results.

Exfoliating Gel PROMISE
₱260.00 ₱208.00
₱150.00 ₱120.00
Charcoal Bar PROMISE
₱150.00 ₱120.00
Turmeric Soap PROMISE
Waitlist Sold Out
Bacne Spray PROMISE
Waitlist Sold Out
Miracle Soap PROMISE
Waitlist Sold Out
Bio-Lift Serum PROMISE
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Everyday Beautiful Kit PROMISE
₱1,995.00 ₱1,496.00
Waitlist Sold Out
Trecurase Kit PROMISE
₱1,395.00 ₱1,046.00
Waitlist Sold Out

About Promise

Promise is a Filipino-based manufacturer of skin and body care products. Specially formulated for the Filipina woman, these products are made to be usable on a wide range of skin types, even sensitive ones. While a relatively new entrant in the cosmetics market, the brand is starting to become popular. After all, the brand focuses on using the most effective botanical ingredients in its products to give your skin the best nourishment it can get.

The company started with a simple vision: to help women discover their natural beauty by enhancing their skin’s health. By focusing on botanically-sourced ingredients such as papaya and tea tree oil, its products can be safely formulated for all people who only demand the best for their skin.

And instead of relying on traditional marketing campaigns, Promise became popular through word-of-mouth recommendations. This helps prove the effectiveness of its products. Buyers are convinced simply by seeing the positive effects of Promise products and not some slick, digitally enhanced advertisement.

Among its most talked about products is the Promise Trecurase Kit. As the name suggests, it is a four-step skincare system that treats, cures, and erases acne.

The first step is using the anti-bacterial cleansing bar, which made with tea tree oil and natural acne-fighting ingredients. That makes it effective at keeping pimples at bay. Meanwhile, the two toners and the cream work together with the soap to give you clear skin. By removing excess oil and dirt, it eliminates harmful bacteria while reducing redness and inflammation. This then treats existing pimples and helps prevent future breakouts.

Instead of relying on expensive treatments, Promise presents itself as a more affordable and inexpensive alternative. With this brand, even everyday people can now experience quality beauty treatments right in the comfort of their own homes. Order their bestselling anti-acne products on BeautyMNL today!