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Promatrix is the sports nutrition division of Ethical Pharma Inc. that offers innovative and highly effective supplements to professional and amateur athletes. The brand’s high quality products are now trusted by many to support their fit and healthy lifestyle.

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About Promatrix 7

A proudly local brand and brainchild of Pasay-based, Ethical Pharma Inc., Promatrix 7 is a fast-rising name among both professional and amateur bodybuilders and athletes. It builds muscle 7 times faster than traditional whey protein, helps muscles to recover and repair themselves faster, and delivers all the nutrients needed to build a bigger you. Promatrix is definitely a serious choice among those who take bulking up seriously

BeautyMNL carries a wide range of Promatrix 7 products, including their Mass Gainer with Pill Shaker, Promatrix7 Set of 2 with Typhoon Shaker, Promatrix 7 Multiple Source Protein, and Promatrix 7 Multiple Source Protein with Pill Shaker. Get on the road to building a bigger you, safer and faster than was ever possible.

Thanks to BeautyMNL, there’s no need to find a specialty store to stock up on your Promatrix protein supplements. Save even more time by having your supplements shipped straight to your home.

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